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What does WebPaper offer?
WebPaper offers a simple yet effective way to produce and manage your own personal and or business webpages in mintues without any programming knowledge. This will save you time and money! No need to hassle with web developers or a third party to make changes on YOUR website.
How can I develop my own Website?
Creating your own website is easy and simple with WebPaper. There are two ways you can accomplish developing your own webpages with WebPaper. One simple way to be time effective is to use our large database of pre-made templates and modify them to your needs. Another is to completely develop the theme yourself in which will take a graphic design software.
Is WebPaper FREE?
WebPaper is FREE to use up to 3 page (Ad free). Those looking for more than 3 pages will be able to utilize our Plus and Ultra packages.
How can WebPaper help me?
WebPaper can help you, your business, service and even family! With our powerful web based application you will be able to create websites by yourself. No need to hassle with web developers; create what YOU want by yourself. Only you know extactly what you want, so create it! WebPaper is so affordable it starts FREE!
Does WebPaper offer a ecommerce?
Yes, WebPaper offers a full ecommerce system in which is intergrated with Paypal. Simply intergrate your Paypal with WebPaper by inserting your Paypal Email Address.
What are Sub-Accounts?
Sub Accounts allow you to create micro accounts in which you may assign pages and permissions to.
How to select multiple layers?
To Select multiple layers are once press and hold down the "CTRL" key on your keyboard while clicking the layer with the left mouse button. To deselect a layer left click on the layer you wish to deselect. Please note that if the layer isnt already selected you cannot deselect it.
How to add Folders in your DashBoard?
To add Folders click the "Manage Folder" icon at the top left. Next left click with your mouse on "Add a Record", next input alphanumeric characters into the folder name field.
How to delete a web page?
To delete a web paper left click with your mouse on the icon. When the prompt window comes up it will ask if you are sure. Click "Ok" and your page will be succesfully deleted from your dashboard. If you have deleted a web page in error you have 48 hours to contact WebPaper Support to get it restored to your account.
How to change your Account password?
To change your acounts password left click the "Account" icon located at the top right of your DashBoard. Once in your "Account" section left mouse click the "Change Password" button located at the top left of the "Account" page. This will take you to a page with three fields; "Current Password", "New Password", and "Retype". Input these fields correctly and left mouse click "Change Password", if succesful your account password will be changed and a green message will appearing telling you your password has been changed.
How to add a hyperlink
Adding a hyperlink with WebPaper is simple. Left mouse click on to the link icon, . A prompt box will come up asking for the "url", "text" and open in new window check box. Be sure to use "http://www." when typing out your links. When using a secure socket layer type "https://www.". When finished "OK".
Securing WebPages and Folders
Seemlessly secure folders and pages on WebPaper. Left click with your mouse on the name of a folder. Keeping in mind that you main not add any properties to your "Main Folder". Make sure you are left clicking on the created folder. A prompt box will appear. Left mouse click on the "Password Protect" check box. Input your secure password, and then enter the confirm password. Once all fields are complete left mouse click on "Save". Your folder is now password secured when the name of the folder is red.
How to assign a Web page to a domain
To assign a Web Page to a domain, Right click with your mouse and select "Assign Web Domain". A prompt box will appear, in the text field input the domain name you are assigning. Make sure to set your DNS to within your registrar to NS1.WEBPAPER.CO and NS2.WEBPAPER.CO.